~ Unanswered Questions ~


Who decimated the Native American culture ?

Who gassed and burned millions of Jewish people" ?

Who kidnapped Africans, hung them and made them slaves ?

Who burned females alive at a stake because of their beliefs ?

Who made laws that excluded females from voting, from smoking or drinking publicly, from participating in conversations with males about politics ?

Who made rules that said husbands can legally beat their wives with a rod as long as it was no bigger than their thumbs ?

Who made rules that excluded females from working at high paying jobs, and made a law keeping female’s salaries lower than the salaries of males doing the same job ?

Who purposely defrauded honest investors and kept their money. Who made rules to keep themselves powerful and in control of everyone else ?

Who kidnaped adult and young females and made them sex slaves ?

Who tortures and rapes millions of adult and young females on a daily basis ? 

Who tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay ?

Who added certain words to the English language eons ago describing adult and young males and adult and young females. Namely, they were to be called from some point on, as men, boys, woman and girls. Before that we were called the same as plants and animals, male and female, who changed our human labels and why ? 

Who determined each sex was to possess specific qualities, characteristics, traits, talents, skills ? Males and young males were to possess certain well defined “masculine” qualities. Females and young females were labeled "women" and "girls" also were to possess certain well defined “feminine” attributes. 

And so it was, throughout kingdoms for centuries. How many humans have deviated from those erroneous labels and have been historically harassed, tortured, killed, or have committed suicide ?